Faculty Profile

Dr. Noor Kamil (HEC Approved PhD Supervisor)

Designation: Professor & Dean

Department: Department of Pharmacy

Specialization: NA

Qualifications: Ph. D (Pharmacology), M. Phil, B. Pharm

Email: noor.kamil@shu.edu.pk


Dr Kamil is an experienced healthcare professional and an academician having more than 25 years of teaching and research expertise. Dr Kamil has the skills of conducting clinical/bio-medical research and is a HEC approved research supervisor. His research interests include, neuropsychopharmacology of antipsychotic drugs and dermatological toxicities. A few of his many research contributions include:

• Haider S, Sajid I, Batool Z, Madiha S, Sadir S, Kamil, N, Liaquat L, Ahmad S, Tabassum S, Khaliq S. Supplementation of Taurine Confers Neuroprotection and Attenuates Memory Impairment by Reducing Oxidative Stress and Excitotoxicity in Noise Stress Exposed Male Wistar Rats. Neurochemical Research. 12 September 2020

• Shahzad S, Batoo Z, Tabassum S, Ahmad S, Kamil N, Khaliq S, Nawaz A, and Haider S. Spirulina platensis (Blue-green algae): A miracle from sea combats the oxidative stress and improves behavioral deficits in an animal model of Schizophrenia. Pak. J. Vol.33, No.4 (Suppl), July, pp.1847-1853 2020.

• Promise E, Sahibzada TR, Kamil N. Evaluation of Counseling practices offered by pharmacies for diabetics attending outpatient clinics in Al-Ahsa. Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. June 25 2019.