Education is the single most important factor in developing the economy of Pakistan. It’s the most valuable tool an individual can possess, and holds the key to our country’s future. Henceforth, it is my strong belief that if we wish to succeed, we must empower our educational system. While many have spoken around the benefits of education, few have acted upon addressing this change. We believe it is time to address this gap and ensure our youth an opportunity that can embolden their future. Here at Salim Habib University (formerly Barrett Hodgson University), we are committed to achieving this goal as we provide a foundation that cultivates passion, intelligence and character with largely one outstanding mission – To Provide Quality Education for our Children.

I welcome all my students, and sincerely thank my dedicated faculty at SHU for mentoring our youth. This University was created in the face of many challenges. However, we pushed hard and were persistent in our mission. We have built an institution that is predicated upon values of integrity and transparency. These core values are the basis of every project I have established, and SHU has been built upon these values. It is a product of our sheer persistence against all odds, and it is this spirit of perseverance, loyalty and stick-to-it-ness that we aim to instil in our children as well.

The University is new yet fully equipped to walk you through each program with the goal of finding your unique passion. Additionally, the experience goes beyond books and laboratories as we have built an aesthetically pleasant campus with athletic facilities meeting international standards as we stand with our youth, and remain united to provide a system where they flourish.

Our goal is to empower our education system and also improve the culture of our nation. Here, at Salim Habib University, we want our students to be very proud of and confidently exclaim that they belong to a Pakistani academic Institution. We want our parents, relatives and people abroad to become excited about what SHU stands for. We want local communities to look within our nation first – for education, and not abroad. Today, Karachi hears us but I can assure that one day the world will also hear about the success of our children.

I am proud of what we have accomplished, and look forward to the many unprecedented opportunities SHU has to offer. Our children will become leaders in business and industry. They will serve our nation with optimism and pride. They will make their mark on this world and Salim Habib University will always be there to support, sustain, and encourage those who are determined to learn.

Best of luck and endless success to Salim Habib University,

Dr Iram Afaq