1. Designed QEC Survey form and ensured its effective implementation
  2. Provided critical feedback in the development of course outlines with departmental faculty and chairpersons
  3. Contributed towards upgrading of university to W4 Category through effective networking and liaison with HEC
  4. Effectively participated with the relevant departments at the time of PEC visit and ensured success in acquiring accreditation for the program
  5. Played a vital role in acquiring PCP Accreditation
  6. Effectively coordinated with all departments to ensure implementation of all CIED compliances at the time of Zero visit
  7. Effectively Participated with the department at the time of Attestation and Accreditation visit by HEC
  8. Conducted self-assessment of programs against eight criteria and thirty one standards: Four (4) self-assessment reports have been prepared which were a part of the preliminary self-assessment cycle completed for the University during the year 2019
  9. Followed up with corrective actions on deficiencies identified by the Assessment Committees during their self-assessment visits
  10. Continual training of Faculty
  11. Standardized quality assurance activities through implementation of QEC Annual Activities Calendar, and rigorous periodic follow up through various channels
  12. Provided facilitation in conducting of accreditations for all programs e.g. PEC, NCEAC, PCP, etc.
  13. Nominated QEC Assessment Committees comprising competent resources from various reputed universities of Pakistan
  14. Continuous follow up for corrective actions on deficiencies identified by Assessment Committees
  15. Periodic training sessions for capacity building of Program Teams are arranged