Welcome to Salim Habib University (SHU), Faculty of Pharmacy! SHU’s greatest assets are the students specially the future Pharmacists.

Pharmaceutical Sciences provide an opportunity for diverse and rewarding careers with special attention to patient care, scientific research and drug discovery. SHU intends to deliver the best to its students. Now a day, profession of Pharmacy has expanded its role to patient counselling, drug monitoring, consultation with the physician and take the responsibilities of patient welfare.

A multifaceted approach is taken to provide students with holistic education so that they develop into professionals fully cognizant of the Pharmaceutical, clinical and social aspects of their profession. Pharmacy education requires close integration of clinical aspects of Pharmacy with scientific knowledge and practice hence strong academic collaborations are developed with a number of hospitals and community pharmacies to incorporate clinical visits and provide internships to the students.

Since industries are the backbone in Pharmacy profession, industrial labs have been developed on campus. Moreover, students will be exposed to internships and training in different areas of Pharmaceutical industries.

To ensure quality healthcare in Pakistan and abroad, doctors need the support of academically sound pharmacy professionals to develop life-saving drugs. The Pharm-D program in the University aims to equip students with knowledge skills and tools that will give them an edge in the professional market.

I will expect you to participate in all healthy and academic activities.

Dr. Rahila Ikram (HEC recognized supervisor)
Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Pharmacy offers a 5-year undergraduate Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D) program for those who are interested in pursuing a career in the fields of Health & Pharmaceutical Sciences. The Faculty of Pharmacy comprises the following:

  • Department of Basic Medical Sciences
  • Department of Pharmaceutics
  • Department of Pharmaceutical chemistry
  • Department of Pharmacognosy
  • Department of Pharmacy Practice

Pharm-D program is designed to enhance the professional skills of practical application in all disciplines of Pharmacy Profession. The syllabus is developed in such a manner that the graduates can fulfil the increasing demand of pharmacists in Academia, public and Private sector, Institutional Pharmacy, Pharma Industry, Regulatory and other related disciplines.

The graduates can also continue their studies at SHU, where there is a plan to provide an opportunity to study up to Ph. D. The highly qualified teaching faculty ensures the progress in right direction.

The facilities include spacious, air-conditioned and furnished classrooms with latest teaching aids, well-equipped modern Laboratories, with all necessary apparatus and paraphernalia. A separate girls common room.

To complete the studies in line with the theory content of the syllabus, a dedicated section of Pharmacy is available in the library; equipped with all necessary books, journals and access to significant databases.


To make Pharm-D program, Salim Habib University, a top ranked program recognized both at national and international levels; providing innovative pharmacy education aimed to transform students into focused practitioners, leaders, and researchers.


To provide quality pharmacy education on a par with international standards, integrating critical thinking, problem-solving, experiential learning, and leadership skills to develop students into professionals in the field of drug designing, quality management and pharmaceutical-care based on evidence.

Doctor of Pharmacy Program

Pharm-D program is a comprehensive and multi-faceted program.

In an attempt to maintain the educational standards high the curriculum has been designed as “Student-centered/ active learning, Problem/ practice based, Integrated, Community/ systems-based, Electives & System approaches (SPICES)”. This approach has proven effective in Pharmacy Education. These diverse aspects are facilitated by communication skills. the hands-on clinical and industrial skills and training on interpersonal basis.

  • are par excellence in Pharmaceutical care, clinical care and research
  • are leaders in Pharmacy education, practice and industry
  • provide specialized Patient Care and Community Services
  • demonstrate competence to develop and implement evidence-based programs and protocols
  • deliver services to the community with commitment, professionalism and ethical responsibilities

Entry Requirements

The applicant should:

  • Have 60% marks in HSC (Pre-Medical) or 60% marks in A-level or equivalent qualification
  • Qualify the Aptitude Test and Interview

Internship Opportunities

  • Hospital and clinical setup
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Government and regulatory setup

Career Prospects
Pharmacy Graduates will find opportunities in the job market:

  • Technical Operations in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Commercial Operation of Pharmaceutical Industry including Sales and Marketing
  • Institutional (Hospital) Pharmacy
  • Clinical pharmacy
  • Community pharmacy
  • Academia
  • Research & Development
  • Legislative Bodies
  • Pharmacy Regulatory Affairs
  • Pharmacy Entrepreneurship
  • Healthcare Insurance Companies

Degree Offered: Pharm-D

  • Duration: 5 Years
  • Semesters: 10
  • Credit Hours: 209

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
Year 1
Semester - I
ENG101 Functional English-I 3
ANA101 Anatomy and Histology 4
PHY101 Physiology-A 4
PHM101 Pharmaceutics-IA (Physical Pharmacy) 4
PHM102 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IA (Organic) 3
PHM103 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IIA (Biochemistry) 4
Credit Hours 22
Semester - II
ENG102 Communication and Writing Skills 3
PHY102 Physiology-B 4
PHM104 Pharmaceutics-IB (Physical Pharmacy) 4
PHM105 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IB (Organic) 3
PHM106 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IIB (Biochemistry) 4
MTH101 Pharmacy Practice-IA (Pharmaceutical Mathematics) 3
Credit Hours 21
Year 2
Semester - III
IST101 Islamic Studies 2
PHM201 Pharmaceutics-IIA (Dosage Forms Science and Calculations) 4
PTH101 Pathology 4
PHM202 Pharmaceutics-IIIA (Pharmaceutical Microbiology) 4
PHM203 Pharmacology and Therapeutics-IA 3
PHM204 Pharmacognosy-IA (Basic) 4
IPP201(Lab) Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience 1
Credit Hours 23
Semester - IV
PST101 Pakistan Studies 2
PHM205 Pharmaceutics-IIB (Dosage Forms Sciences and Calculations) 4
PHM206 Pharmaceutics-IIIB (Immunology) 4
PHM207 Pharmacology and Therapeutics-IB 4
PHM208 Pharmacognosy-IB (Basic) 4
MTH102 Pharmacy Practice-IB (Biostatistics) 3
IPP202(Lab) Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience 1
Credit Hours 22
Year 3
Semester - V
PHM301 Pharmacy Practice-IIA (Dispensing Pharmacy) 4
PHM302 Pharmacy Practice-IVA (Hospital Pharmacy) 3
PHM303 Pharmacy Practice-VA (Clinical Pharmacy-I) 4
PHM304 Pharmacology and Therapeutics-IIA 4
PHM305 Pharmacognosy-IIA (Advanced) 4
PHM306 Pharmacy Practice-IX (Research Methodology) 2
Credit Hours 21
Semester - VI
PHM307 Pharmacy Practice-IIB (Community, Social and Administrative Pharmacy) 3
PHM308 Pharmacy Practice-IVB (Hospital Pharmacy) 3
PHM309 Pharmacy Practice-VB (Clinical Pharmacy-I) 4
PHM310 Pharmacology and Therapeutics-IIB 4
PHM311 Pharmacognosy-IIB (Advanced Pharma cognosy and CAM) 4
PHM312 Pharmacy Practice-III (Computer and its Applications in Pharmacy) 4
Credit Hours 22
Year 4
Semester - VII
PHM401 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IIIA (Pharmaceutical Analysis) 4
PHM402 Pharmacy Practice-VIA (Advanced Clinical Pharmacy-II) 4
PHM403 Pharmaceutics-IVA (Industrial Pharmacy) 4
PHM404 Pharmaceutics-VA (Bio-pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics) 4
PHM405 Pharmaceutics-VIA (Pharmaceutical Quality Management) 4
Credit Hours 20
Semester - VIII
PHM406 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IIIB (Pharmaceutical Analysis) 4
PHM407 Pharmacy Practice-VIB (Advanced Clinical Pharmacy-II) 4
PHM408 Pharmaceutics-IVB (Industrial Pharmacy) 4
PHM409 Pharmaceutics-VB (Bio-pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics) 4
PHM410 Pharmaceutics-VIB (Pharmaceutical Quality Management) 4
Credit Hours 20
Year 5
Semester - IX
PHM501 Pharmaceutics-VIIA (Pharmaceutical Technology) 4
PHM502 Pharmacy Practice-VIIA (Forensic Pharmacy) 3
PHM503 Pharmacy Practice-VIIIA (Pharmaceutical Management & Marketing) 3
PHM504 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IVA (Medicinal Chemistry) 4
PHM505 Pharmacy Practice-XIIA (Advanced Pharmacy-III) 2
APP501 Pharmacy Practice-XIA (Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience) 3
Credit Hours 19
Semester - X
PHM506 Pharmaceutics- VIIB (Pharmaceutical Technology) 4
PHM507 Pharmacy Practice-VIIB (Forensic Pharmacy) 3
PHM508 Pharmacy Practice-VIIIB (Pharmaceutical Management & Entrepreneurship) 3
PHM509 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IVB (Medicinal Chemistry) 4
PHM510 Pharmacy Practice-XIIB (Advanced Clinical Pharmacy-III) 2
APP502 Pharmacy Practice-XIB (Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience) 2
Credit Hours 19

Dr. Rahila Ikram


Professor (Department of Pharmacy)

Email: rahela.ikram@shu.edu.pk

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Faculty Member


Dr. Noor Kamil

Professor (HEC Approved PhD Supervisor)

Email: noor.kamil@shu.edu.pk

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Dr. Ghazala Ishrat

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Jamshed Arslan

Assistant Professor

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Kiran Amir Ali

Lecturer Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Email: kiran.ali@shu.edu.pk

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Raheel Saeed


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Razia Jaffery


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