We heartily welcome all our students, and aim to connect and engage with them, and to support them, through the various programs and services we offer. We hope that student life at Salim Habib University is dynamic, engaging, and fulfilling in a way that helps develop students’ personalities, helps them become self-aware, and creates in them the willingness to contribute to the well-being of the university community and society at large.

There are many student societies and clubs set up at the University which build collaboration and friendship amongst students, promote their physical and mental wellness, add to their professional growth, and most importantly, make sure that they have fun. Our international standard sports facilities encourage students to remain active, healthy and to interact with each other, our student organizations encourage students to take on leadership roles and give them exposure, and our vibrant campus life ensures that students’ stay at the University is memorable, pleasant, and enjoyable, along with being a great learning experience.

Your University experience should not just be attending lectures and obtaining a degree. It is supposed to be about building a second home on campus, and finding a family in the university community that you learn, grow, play and lead with. It is stepping out of your comfort zone and seeing the world with a new perspective. The full Salim Habib University experience is defined by the life-long social connections and memories that you make outside of the lecture hall, and the Student Affairs department is here to provide you with every opportunity to make sure that you do so, and to leave no stone unturned to keep you connected, engaged and inspired.