Student societies at SHU provide students a platform to lead, learn and to be team players. Through the opportunities provided by these societies and the events and activities they arrange, students are given the chance to pursue their passions, explore their talents, and to hone their skills. They are also given the experience of arranging events and various curricular and extracurricular activities, which not only gives them much-needed exposure, but also instills in them the skills required to be good leaders, disciplined individuals, and productive members of society. Student societies are also a great way to develop a healthy social network.

SHU presently has a total of seven Student Societies, each consisting of its own elected body for the management of society affairs. These Societies are:

  • Event Society
  • Marketing & Media Society
  • Sports Society
  • Arts & Literature Society
  • Character Building Society
  • Public Speaking Society
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Society

We strongly encourage students to participate in these societies and subsequently in our various extracurricular and cocurricular activities and to compete in inter-university events at a national as well as an international level.

The University also has Departmental Clubs, which carry out activities and organize events having to do with their specific field of study. The following departmental clubs are presently in operation:

  • Pharmacy Club - PharmDees
  • Computer Science Club – CS Cube
  • Biomedical Engineering Club – We.ME
  • Biosciences Club - BioSoc
  • Management Sciences Club

Furthermore, SHU has a Student Council which acts as a representative of the entire student body and is responsible for forming a bridge of communication between the student body and the University management and ensuring that the students’ voices are heard and their concerns are resolved or forwarded to the Competent Authorities.

In addition to these, we are also open to students submitting proposals for the setting up of new societies and clubs that they believe will add value to the University and to student life.