SHU offers a Sibling Discount of 25% of tuition fee for the siblings of existing students.

The following are the terms and conditions of the Sibling Discount.

  • Discount on tuition fee of the newly enrolled sibling(s) of an existing student: 25% of tuition fee
  • A sibling already enrolled will not be eligible for the Sibling Discount.
  • All the siblings must be enrolled as fulltime students in the semester the discount is requested for.
  • The Sibling Discount is applicable to tuition fees only.
  • The Sibling Discount is not applicable on the Summer Semester fee.
  • The Sibling Discount will not be applied on any outstanding fee balance.
  • The sibling must provide documentary evidence of the relationship.
  • The Sibling Discount Form must be filled in by the student before the start of the semester and submitted to the Student Finance office, following which the Student Finance office will verify the application and forward it for approval to the Vice Chancellor.
  • The Sibling Discount is not applicable on stepbrothers or stepsisters.
  • Applicants must inform the University well in time regarding changes in any sibling’s enrolment.
  • If a sibling withdraws from a semester or from the University without completing their degree program, the discount may be reversed. (This means the recipient may be required to reimburse the University).
  • SHU reserves the rights to withdraw or change the Sibling Discount policy at any point of time.