The Student Affairs department provides full support to students in a number of ways in order to ensure that your stay at the University is memorable, comfortable, and valuable, and that you enjoy both your academic and student life, as we believe that an enjoyable university life is crucial for student success.

Student Affairs is in charge of overseeing various programs and administrative policies and providing a range of services to students, with the goal of making your campus life a vibrant, fulfilling, and active one.

As an inclusive student-centered University, SHU encourages all students to work towards shaping your own university experiences. You will be given every opportunity to become an active, contributive member of the University community, be it through participation in sports, recreational activities, student clubs and societies, or any of the numerous events we hold. We take extra-curricular and cocurricular activities seriously as we are committed to providing a university experience that broadens your horizons and ensures that you become a fully engaged member of our dynamic community, and thus emerge as a well-rounded, capable individual when you graduate.


Our vision is to aid students in achieving excellence and obtaining their educational objectives by helping them resolve any academic and administrative issues they face on campus. We want to enhance their knowledge, skills and experience so they can evolve into better human beings and more productive members of society.


Our mission is to provide quality support services and programs to enrich student experience with the end-goal being the achievement of academic excellence, development of professional skills, and mental and physical well-being.