SHU-QEC Tasks – Accreditations, SARs, Evaluation Pro Formas

  1. To develop QEC Web Portal for the University website
  2. To carry out comprehensive analysis on data collected through online survey forms, and develop MIS for all programs offered at SHU
    1. To prepare YPR (Yearly Progress Report) as per HEC guidelines
    2. To define the QEC Secretariat Function as mentioned in YPR (Point no 5.8 and 5.9)
    3. To constitute Program and Assessment teams for departmental SARs
    4. To review all Assessment Team Reports and prepare Action Plans accordingly
    5. To preparing Executive Summaries for all SARs
  3. Accreditation Councils/Professional Bodies
    1. Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)
    2. Pharmacy Council of Pakistan (PCP)
  4. To consider the affiliation & Accreditation of the following bodies:
    1. National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC)
    2. National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC)
  5. Upgrading of SHU from w1 to w4 Category
  6. To conduct QEC Workshops year round (at least three Internal and two external)
  7. Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE)
  8. To submit University Portfolio Report (UPR)

SHU-QEC Evaluation Pro-Formas

1 Student Course Evaluation Questionnaire
2 Faculty Course Review Report
3 Survey of Graduating Students
4 Research Student Progress Review Form
5 Faculty Survey
6 Departments Offering PhD Programs
7 Alumni Survey
8 Employer Survey
9 Faculty Resumes
10 Teacher Evaluation Form by Student