The success of the educational ventures of the TSHEF in Toba Tek Singh paved way for the Foundation to embark on yet another exciting new initiative. TSHEF obtained a charter from the Government of Sindh on May 25th, 2015, to establish a university Salim Habib University (Formerly Barrett Hodgson University), in Karachi, offering niche programs in the disciplines of Biomedical Engineering, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical sciences, ICT and Management Sciences. It is a purpose built , multi-storey Campus in the Korangi Creek Area (Karachi). The Salim Habib Campus offers a complementing, meditative atmosphere for budding leaders pursuing under graduate programs.

We expect to develop graduates who are not only responsible citizens and empathetic human-beings but are also successful in professional and entrepreneurial endeavors that they seek. We focus on cultivating leaders who may come up and grasp every opportunity for assuming influential posts in various public and private sector institutions in Pakistan and abroad. By producing highly knowledgeable, innovative out-of-the-box thinkers and life-long learners who possess leadership skills, SHU is determined to contribute towards bringing a positive change in the Pakistani society.

SHU always sets high standards when it comes to the quality of education. We define high quality education as one which produces graduates mentored to compete with students for placements from some of the best graduate programs offered by universities in developed countries. Not only that, we aim for top-notch corporations in Pakistan and abroad. We guide those who wish to start their own successful entrepreneurial ventures. To ensure quality, SHU inducts highly talented meritorious students and faculty members to guarantee that it operates as a top-tier institution in Pakistan in the selected disciplines that it pursues. Even when it comes to extracurricular activities, SHU offers cutting-edge facilities to support healthy pursuits of its students. To top it all, the vibrant campus of the SHU provides an ideal environment for holistic achievement.