The success of the educational ventures of the Salim Habib Education Foundation (TSHEF) in Toba Tek Singh paved the way for the Foundation to embark on yet another exciting new initiative. On the 25th of May, 2015, TSHEF obtained a charter from the Government of Sindh to establish a university, and so the Salim Habib University came into being.

The Salim Habib University (formerly Barrett Hodgson University), is located at Korangi Creek, Karachi, and offers international-standard niche programs in the disciplines of Biomedical Engineering, Biosciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Information Technology, and Management Sciences. The University boasts purpose-built, ultra-modern infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities, and an ideal learning environment designed to provide a stimulating and enriching experience to budding leaders pursuing higher education.

We put a lot of emphasis on providing students with a holistic learning experience, to which end we have a vibrant campus life with a wide-range of extracurricular activities designed to facilitate students in honing their skills, pursuing their passions, and to bring out the best in them.

We develop graduates who are not only equipped with all the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to become highly successful in their chosen fields, but who are also socially aware, morally sound, well-groomed, and able to think creatively and productively in order to give back to society and lead future generations to prosperity. We produce well-rounded, competent individuals who harbor the passion to engage in continual learning and to work for the development of their country.

We expect graduates of the Salim Habib University to achieve new highs in every endeavor they wish to take on, to be successful in all their professional and entrepreneurial ventures, to secure placements in world-renowned graduate programs and top-notch organizations, and to eventually occupy influential posts in various public and private sector institutions in Pakistan and abroad.

To ensure the maintenance of the topmost standards of quality, SHU inducts only the most talented students, highly qualified faculty known to be the best in their respective fields, and motivated, able staff, and in doing so, aspires to become a top-tier institution in Pakistan in the selected disciplines it pursues.