We believe that the progress of a nation is directly related to the quality of the educational system in place and the ability of that specific system to produce visionary leaders who can lead a generation to prosperity.

Dr. Muhammad Salim Habib, our Life Chairperson, a visionary, philanthropist and role model, and a legendary figure in Pakistan’s pharmaceutical industry, was born in the humble town of Toba Tek Singh, Punjab, in 1933. He realized the severity of the issue pertaining to illiteracy in Pakistan, and since he believes that the downfall of a nation begins when it does not put all focus on educating and grooming its youth for the betterment of future generations and the advancement of society, it became his lifetime goal and passion to erase illiteracy in Pakistan and to use education to fight the ills in our nation.

His vision and tireless struggles culminated in the establishment of The Salim Habib Education Foundation (TSHEF), a non-profit organization, in 2007, with the mission to educate Pakistan, and to develop a thirst for knowledge and the curiosity to learn more and to advance to new heights among the country’s youth.

The core objective of TSHEF is to provide quality education with unmatched facilities to the students of Pakistan. The intent of the Foundation is to establish global-standard educational institutions in Pakistan which are able to get renowned local and international educationists on board in order to provide high quality education to students. The infrastructure of these institutions, developed with state-of-the-art technology, is intended to be on a par with the standards of modern international educational architecture.

Basically, the Foundation wishes to provide educational facilities that are on a par with those of the most distinguished institutions around the world, so that Pakistanis who wish to go abroad for studies but cannot do so due to financial constraints or other reasons are able to receive international standard education right here in their home country.

At present, the two largest projects of TSHEF are the Salim Habib University in Karachi, and the Salim Habib Education Complex in Toba Tek Singh, consisting of the Salim Habib Higher Secondary School for Boys, Salim Habib Higher Secondary School for Girls, Salim Habib College for Boys, and Salim Habib College for Girls, which caters to more than 1200 students.

Other than these two campuses that aim to spread the light of education to the youth and thus create a better tomorrow for the future generations of Pakistan, the Foundation also has further projects underway, such as the construction of the state-of-the-art Fatima Business School for Computer and Management Sciences, an exciting new five-storey complex which will be a customized and digitally advanced structure, at Salim Habib University, Karachi, and plans to build a University of Emerging Science on ten acres of land in Education City, Karachi.

The Foundation also intends to build campuses of its educational institutions in cities all across Pakistan, and wishes to advance easy and safe access to top quality educational facilities all over the country.