The faculty of Management Sciences aims to achieve its objectives in line with the vision to become a reputable university in business management education in Pakistan and build our strengths in teaching, learning and research. Our curricula does not only allow the students the opportunity to experience and develop an understanding of the latest tools and techniques, but also exposes them to applied learning through experiential learning, field visits, and workshops from the very beginning of the program. Our training aims to nurture innovative young minds through offering broad-based curriculum that provides students exposure both within their discipline and soft skills. Our approach in the development of curricula has therefore been to be creative and entrepreneurial towards introducing new ideas aimed towards the personal and intellectual development of our students. Professional learning, in terms of refining our strong associations with industry, commerce and professions in order for students to become responsible citizens and well-equipped to enter the knowledge-based workplace and society.

After the experience of lingering pandemic, learning is taking many forms, and information will be available in many formats. By helping our students today discover how they can leverage the universities’ wide-ranging resources for lifelong learning, we will position them better for effective role we continue to maximise through digital technology in the delivery of our programmes and expand our reach to attract students and faculty from all parts of the Country and abroad.

I welcome you to the faculty of Management Sciences of Salim Habib University (SHU)

Dr. Shakeel Ahmed Khan
Acting Dean
Faculty of Management Sciences

SHU’s Program of BS Business Analytics includes the body of knowledge of three major accounting certification bodies: ICAP, ACCA, ICMAP and CIMA. The program is augmented with a curriculum that includes subjects related to business studies, social sciences and liberal arts that provide the students with the intellectual grounding necessary for creative thinking and strategy development. The program features interactive lectures, flip classes and challenging academic project which enable students to learn and practice skills in leadership, negotiation, innovation, communication and teamwork – skills vital for today’s business practitioners.


Welcome to the Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics program. This innovative degree is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today's data-driven business world - and beyond.

  • Business analytics is the process of using data and analytical techniques to drive business decision-making. It involves using tools and methods from statistics, computer science, and business to analyze complex data sets and gain insights that can inform business strategy
  • Through a combination of coursework, case studies, hands-on projects, and freelance training, students will gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a variety of roles - from business analyst to data scientist to freelance consultant. Our expert faculty will guide students through a curriculum that is both rigorous and relevant, ensuring that graduates are prepared to make an impact in the business world and beyond.

Join us in the BS Business Analytics program and discover the power of data-driven decision-making - and the freedom of freelancing!"

Degree Offered: BS Business Analytics

  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Semesters: 8
  • Credit Hours: 136

Entry Requirements

The applicant should:

  • Have 50% marks in HSC or equivalent marks in A-levels, or other qualifications
  • Qualify the Aptitude Test and Interview

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
Year 1
Semester - I
CSC106 Introduction to Computer Applications 2+1
ENG101 Functional English 2+1
ACC101 Introduction to Accounting 2+1
MGT101 Principles of Management and Leadership 3+0
HUM101 Foundation of Human Behavior 3+0
Credit Hours 15
Semester - II
ECO102 Microeconomics 3+0
MTH107 Business Mathematics 3+0
MKT101 Principles of Marketing 3+0
ACC106 Financial Accounting and Corporate Reporting 2+1
IST102 Islam and World Religions 2+0
PDV103 Personal Development and Career Planning 0+2
Credit Hours 16
Summer Semester
IIP100 Industry Immersion Project - I (Community Service) 0+0
Credit Hours 0
Year 2
Semester - III
ENG105 Presentation and Communication Skills 3+0
FIN206 Introduction to Finance 3+0
PHI101 Philosophy, Logic, and Critical Thinking 3+0
MTH104 Introduction to Business Analytics 2+1
BAN201 Computer Programming - I 2+1
MTH203 Calculus with Applications 3+0
Credit Hours 18
Semester - IV
PST101 Pakistan Studies 2+0
BAN202 Computer Programming - II 2+1
FIN204 Financial Management 3+0
BAN203 Data Structures 2+1
ECO203 Macroeconomics 3+0
PDV203 Arts and Literature 0+2
Credit Hours 16
Summer Semester
IIPxxx* Industry Immersion Project - II (Corporate) 0+3
Credit Hours 0
Year 3
Semester - V
ENG306 Applied Business Communication 3+0
MTH304 Business Analytics (Modelling & Forecasting) 3+0
ECO301 Financial Institutions and Markets 3+0
LAW202 Legal Environment for Business in Pakistan 3+0
BAN301 Basic Econometrics 3+0
XXXxxx* Natural Science Elective 2+1
Credit Hours 17
Semester - VI
MGT305 Business Research Methods 3+0
XXXxxx* Majors Elective-I 3+0
BAN302 Database Systems 3+0
BAN303 Machine Learning for Business Analytics 3+0
BAN304 Business Data and Text Mining 3+0
PDV305 Business Intelligence 3+0
Credit Hours 18
Summer Semester
Credit Hours 0
Year 4
Semester - VII
MGT401 Entrepreneurship 3+0
MGT404 Business Simulations 3+0
MGT407 ELP – I/Capstone - I 3+0
BAN401 Decision Science for Business 3+0
XXXxxx* Majors Elective-II 3+0
XXXxxx* Minors Elective-I 3+0
Credit Hours 18
Semester - VIII
MGT405 Strategic Management 3+0
BAN402 Predictive Analytics 3+0
XXXxxx* Majors Elective-III 3+0
XXXxxx* Majors Elective-IV 3+0
XXXxxx* Minors Elective-II 3+0
MGT408 ELP - II/ Capstone - II 3+0
Credit Hours 18

Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder

Acting Dean of Management Sciences

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Faculty Members


Dr. Kashif Arif

Acting Chairperson & Associate Professor


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Mr. Sheeraz Yar Khan

Assistant Professor


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Mr. Salman Qayyum Galani



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