Navigating Your Career Paths 4.0


Navigating Your Career Paths 4.0 was held by the Career Placement & Industrial Liaison Office and the Faculty of Management Sciences at Salim Habib University on Thursday, May 25, 2023.

The event brought together multiple industry professionals, headhunters, and career counsellors on one platform and enabled students to meet and interact with them in order to get some valuable advice on the various career opportunities available to them and how to use not only their degrees, but also their skills and interests to establish successful careers. Mock interviews and one-on-one counselling sessions were also held.

The participating companies included Cybernet, Kuttiyana Memon Hospital, Yunus Textile Mills Ltd., ibex. Pakistan, Daraz, Bioniks, Pixarch Architectural Visualization, Dalda Foods Ltd., LOLC Microfinance Bank, IFCONDITION Karachi, Artistic Denim Mills Ltd., Learning Impact, Arpatech (Pvt.) Ltd., COSMO Pharma Int. (Pvt.) Ltd.