Faculty Profile

Dr. Rahela Ikram

Designation: Professor and Dean

Department: Department of Pharmacy

Specialization: NA

Qualifications: PhD (Pharmacology),

Email: rahela.ikram@shu.edu.pk



Dr Rahila has an experience of 28 years teaching and research, not only in Pakistan but in Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, as well. She has special interest in neuropharmacology, hematology, clinical pharmacology. She has experience of research not only in natural products but also on the clinical aspects of drugs and therapeutics. The practical knowledge of working in clinical setting is reflected in her teaching, directed towards problem/ case-based learning. She is a HEC approved research supervisor and has supervised a number of M. Phil and Ph. D students. She has published several research articles in both national and international journals. Her name is included in the list of productive scientists of Pakistan, published by PCST. A few of his prominent researches include:

• Syed Qamar Abbas Rizvi , Rahela Ikram, Sana Sarfaraz and Rabia Munawwar . Beneficial effects of oral vitamin D supplementation in diabetes mellitus type II patients – a clinical study in Karachi. Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.2022 May; 845-850. DOI : 10.36721/PJPS.2022.35.3.REG.841-844.1

• Sana Sarfaraz, Rahela Ikram, Rabia Munawwar and Sabiha Gul. Screening of different doses of lyophilized beetroot for their hematopoietic potential. International journal of endorsing Health science research. 2022

• Abdul Munim, Sohaib Abbas, Arsalan Ahmed, Sana Ahmed Sarfaraz, Rahela Ikram. Measurement of retinal nerve fiber layer thickness in patients of unilateral amblyopia using optical coherence tomography. Journal of Ayub Medical College. 2022 Jan 34(1):141-144.

• Hussain K, Ikram R, Ambreen G, Salat MS. Pharmacist-directed vancomycin therapeutic drug monitoring in pediatric patients: a collaborative-practice model. Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice. 2021 Dec;14(1):1-9. doi: 10.1186/s40545-021-00383-y

• Zehra T, Sarfaraz S, Ikram R. Dose dependent anticonvulsant activity of Morus nigra in strychnine induced seizures model. Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2021 Nov 1;34(6):2167-71. doi.org/10.36721/PJPS.2021.34.6.REG.2167-2171.1

• Sarfaraz S, Ikram R, Munawwar R, Fatima S, Anser H. Evaluation of Hepatoprotective effects of different doses of Lyophilized Beetroot powder in albino rabbits. Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2021 Sep 2;34. doi.org/10.36721/PJPS.2021.34.5.SUP.1917-1922.1 2 | P a g e Program Handbook

• Munim A, Abbas S, Ahmed A, Sarfaraz S, Ikram R. The incidence and awareness of Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment in Pakistani population. Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2021 Sep 1;34(5):1693-9. doi.org/10.36721/PJPS.2021.34.5.REG.1693-1698.1

• Palla AH, Amin F, Durrani N, Ikram R. Covid-19 pandemic-prevalence of depression, anxiety and insomnia during Covid-19 lockdown and its associated factors in Karachi, Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2021 Jul 2;34. doi.org/10.36721/PJPS.2021.34.4.SUP.1597-1605.1

• Sarfaraz S, Rahela I, Rabia M, Muhammad O, Sabiha G, Muhammad S. Rising trend of Nutraceuticals: Evaluation of lyophilized beetroot powder at different doses for its hypolipidemic effects. Pak. J. Pharm. Sci. 2021 Jul 1;4:1315-22. DOI:10.36721/PJPS.2021.34.4.REG.1315-1322.1