Hafsa Khan

Program: BE-Bio Medical Engineering

Backpack to Briefcase: Alumni Success Stories, an initiative of the Salim Habib University Career Placement & Industrial Liaison Office, today features Hafsa Khan, a Biomedical Engineering graduate of the Class of 2022, who is now a Biomedical Sales Engineer at Biotech Pakistan, ICU Radiology & OR Solutions.

Here's what Hafsa has to say:

"Hello, I'm Hafsa Khan, and I'm a graduate of Spring 2022 from Salim Habib University. As a student of Biomedical Engineering which is itself a mixture of many disciplines, I was always open to multiple aspects of engineering. After getting a job as a Biomedical Sales Engineer at a company as reputable as Biotech just a month after my graduation, I feel like the skills as an engineer that I acquired at SHU are getting more polished. Looking forward to getting more experience in my field as I make my way from campus to corporate life."

Keep making us proud, Hafsa!

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