Umair Tasleem

Program: BBA

In today's edition of the Salim Habib University Career Placement & Industrial Liaison Office's Backpack to Briefcase: Series of Alumni Success Stories, we feature Umair Tasleem, a BBA graduate of the Class of 2022, who is now a Digital Media Executive at Spectrum VMLY&R.

This is what Umair has to say:

"Campus life teaches you a lot of things academically as well as professionally. In university, people found me either in the football ground, or in the cafe, as learning is not restricted only to the classroom. You learn a lot more from people and sports. Football, for example, has taught me that talent is great but hard work wins.

From all the hard work I put into learning digital marketing, analytics, e-commerce, getting certified by Meta and Google, to working at Spectrum|VMLY&R, a leading advertising company around the globe as a Digital Media Executive, I am proud of my journey.

I am thankful for whatever I've learned in these four years and how Salim Habib University has helped me become the person I am today."

We are hugely proud of you, Umair, and wish you all the best.

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